ART POWER & SOCIAL CHANGE: A Workshop for Activists, Organizers & Educators at VASSAR COLLEGE April 2nd, 2016

IMG_1966Date: April 2nd, 2016

Time: 9:30am-11am

Location: Vassar College Alumnae House


Truthworker Theatre Company will offer an interactive workshop that calls upon modalities of writing, storytelling, theatre, dialogue, and play to unpack pressing issues of social justice, inequity, power, privilege, trauma and healing in our communities. Drawing from a Theatre of the Oppressed pedagogy, this dynamic workshop will offer educators, activists, organizers, and community members tools for engaging their constituencies as well as tools for leveraging the stories that so often go untold in our communities. Sourcing the collective wisdom and collaborative power in the room, this workshop will art and embodiment to create a safe space for radical self reflection, system analysis, community building, and articulating visions for change.

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