Commemorative Ceremony for Sam Harrell- April 25th, 2016 HARLEM, NYC

Sam Harrell RallyTo mark the one year anniversary of the murder of Sam Harrell at the Fishkill prison,  ten members of Sam’s family, plus a number of friends and supporters, including Soffiyah Elijah, one of the nation’s foremost voices in prison reform, began a five-day fast on April 21st. 

Date: April 25th, 2016

Time: 4pm-6pmpm

Location:  The plaza in front of the State Office Building, 125th & Adam Clayton Powell

The Harrell Family | Soffiyah Elijah of the Correctional Association
Truthworker Theater Company | Senator Bill Perkins                                                               Mister Five of Incarcerated Nation | Spoken Word Artist Messiah                                         Rabbi David Ingber | Poet Tiffany Van Dyke | Singer Jasmine Burems

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